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NameHeld On
Special Bulletin December, 2016 to April, 2017Dec.16-Apr.17
Special Bulletin on 3rd State Level Victim Emancipation through Compensation04th Marh 2017
Special Bulletin on University Lok Adalat & Legal Literacy Clubs10th December 2016
Special Bulletin on the 2nd Regional Conference on Sensitisation on Family Court Matters22nd October 2016
Special Bulletin September-October, 2016Sep-Oct'16
Special Bulletin on Mediation16th July 2016
SPECIAL BULLETIN on the 1st Regional Conference for Sensitisation on Family Court Matters at Jaipur9th July 2016
JHALSA Bulletin, Issue-XXIII, June-2015 16th June 2015
40 Hrs. Intensive Mediation Training 13th to 17th May 2012
5th Referral Judges Training 12th May 2012
Training Of Trainers 23rd to 25th April 2012
26th to 28th April 2012
Conferance on Case Management & Plea Bargaining 17th March 2012
Lok Adalat 24th March 2012
13th 40 Hrs. Intensive Mediation Training Programme 22nd April 2012
4th Referral Judges Training Programme 22nd April 2012
Tenth, Eleventh & Twelth 40 Hrs. Intensive Mediation Training Programme 28th Nov to 2nd Dec 2011
28th Jan to 1st Feb 2012
26th Feb to 1st mar 2012
1st Refresher Course on Mediation 22nd January 2012
Conference on Legal Awareness and Role of ADR 27th August 2011
Lawyers Orientation Programme 11th August 2012
Training Programme for Staff of HCLSC/DLSA/Sub-DLSA On "Web Based Monitoring System of NALSA" 5th September 2011
Legal Awareness Conference on Law and Morality With Special Reference to Surrogacy 28th June 2011
State Level Capacity Building Workshop on Effective Juvenile System in Jharkhand 23rd & 24th July 2011
2nd and 3rd Referral Judges Training Prorgamme 27th November 2011
2nd February 2012
Lok Adalat in High Court Premises 6th August, 2011
Online Inauguration of Mediation Centres at Chatra, Chaibasa, Pakur and Shibganj 9th October, 2010
2nd February 2012
Mega Lok Adalat in High Court Premises9th October, 2010
Obserbvation of World Mental Health Day by JHALSA10th October, 2010
Legal Aid Clinic at Women Probation Home, Namkum, Ranchi 11th October, 2010
State Level Seminar on Child Rights and Realities Organised by JHALSA 30th April, 2011
State Level Workshop on Ensuring Access to Justice for The Marginalised People 1st May, 2011
Workshop on Violence Agaiant Women 12th and 13th March, 2011
Mega Legal Awareness Camp at Netarhat (Latehar) on 17th April, 2011
JHALSA - Parenting The Mentally Ill People A report on arrival of 19 Mentally Ill People from Kerala to Ranchi for better treatment and reunion with their families6th August 2012
Legal Awareness Camp cum Lok Adalat at Nyaya Sadan, Ranchi13th May, 2012
Special Lok Adalat for Pre-Litigation Cases of Universities of Jharkhand at Nyaya Sadan Ranchi22nd May 2012
Appraisal of DLSA's Through Video Conferencing22nd May 2012
Legal Awareness Camp at Women Probation Home Namkum, Ranchi20th May 2012

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