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Letter No. & DateSubject
Letter No. 2846 Dated 06.12.2018Door to Door Campaign from 09.11.2018 to 18.11.2018
Letter No. 2540 Dated 06.12.2018Training Programme at Nyaya Sadan, JHALSA
Letter No. 2136 Dated 11.10.2018Inclusion of "Best State Legal Services Authority" and "Best Legal Services Panel Lawyer"
Letter No. 2126 Dated 09.10.2018To convert the account of State Legal Aid Fund into a Current Account
Letter No. 2062 Dated 28.09.2018Accessing Justice to convicts in prisons through Legal Services : A Campaign
Letter No. 1967 Dated 17.09.2018Selection of Best DLSA
Letter No. 1951 Dated 14.09.2018NALSA's Compensation Scheme for Women Victims etc.
Letter No. 1910 Dated 11.09.2018Judgment of of Hon'ble High Court of Jharkhand
Letter No. 1760 Dated 27.08.2018Selection of Best PLV
Letter No. 1749 Dated 25.08.2018Launching of mandatory pre-suit pre institution mediation in commercial disputes
Letter No. 1746 Dated 25.08.2018Order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India
Letter No. 1704 Dated 18.08.2018Regarding stremlining the legal services administration in the DLSAs of Jharkhand
Letter No. 1697 Dated 18.08.2018Directions of His Lordship Hon'ble Executive Chairman, JHALSA on Jail PLVs
Letter No. 1695 Dated 18.08.2018Submission of Minutes of previous three meetings of Monitoring Committee
Letter No. 1694 Dated 18.08.2018Regarding preparation of cause list of legal aided matter pending
Letter No. 1693 Dated 18.08.2018Regarding preparing case information card with regard to legal aided cases
Letter No. 1641 Dated 06.08.2018Reg. nomination of two Mediators from each district
Letter No. 1531 Dated 24.07.2018Draft Mediation Agreement Format
Letter No. 1418 Dated 13.07.2018Your goodself's letter no. 9/RCH-212/2018-159 (HSN) dt. 02.07.18
Letter No. 1416 Dated 13.07.2018Training Schedule for the PLVs
Letter No. 1317A Dated 02.07.2018Regarding SOP and Training Module for Effective implementation of Jharkhand
Letter No. 1135 Dated 22.05.2018MCPC letter No. 377-416/MCPC/2018 dated 8th May, 2018
Letter No. 1027 Dated 08.05.2018Campaign for enhancing Legal Services to Women inmates
Letter No. 907-908 Dated 25.04.2018SLP No. 150/2012 (Shramjeevi Mahila Samiti Vs. State of NCT of Delhi)
Letter No. 829 Dated 12.04.2018Purchase, installation and commissioning of one 49" LED/Monitor at each DLSA
Letter No. 611 Dated 08.03.2018Regarding uploading monthly data on NALSA "Legal Services Management System"
Letter No. 380 Dated 14.02.2018Regarding playing of the Theme Song of NALSA in Cinema Hall of your concerned District
Letter No. 144 Dated 16.01.2018Regarding receiving bills for Legal Services Personnels
Letter No. 74 Dated 09.01.2018Regarding incurring of expenditure from District Legal Aid fund
Letter No. 69 Dated 08.01.2018Affixing hoardings as to provision of legal services for women, etc.

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