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Letter No. & DateSubject
Letter No. 3053 Dated 01.12.2017Hiring of Vehicles and Fuel Expenses during the 100 days Door to Door Campaign
Letter No. 3040 Dated 30.11.2017Purchase of Jio wi-fi device with 1 GB per day monthly data plan
Letter No. 3029 Dated 29.11.2017To Open Legal Aid Clinic in Swadhar Greh
Letter No. 3025 Dated 29.11.2017Regarding approval for adoption of the format approved
Letter No. 3001 Dated 24.11.2017Regarding PLV
Letter No. 2871 Dated 08.11.2017Publication of Newspaper Advertisement for Legal Services Day
Letter No. 2763 Dated 12.10.2017Undertaking intensive 100 days' door to door campaign
Letter No. 2740 Dated 10.10.2017Only Jail Inmates to be trained as PLV for Jails
Letter No. 2049 Dated 24.07.2017Uploading data on Nalsa "Legal Services Management System"
Letter No. 1120 Dated 10.04.2017Revised proforma for PLV & LSC Data

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