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22nd July, 20126th Referral Judges Training Programme 
21st July, 2012State Level Workshop on "Juvenile Justice System"View 
17th -21st July, 201215th 40 Hrs. "Intensive Training on Mediation" 
17th June, 2012Refresher Course Juvenile Justice System 
22nd May, 2012Special Lok Adalat (For Pre-Litigation University Cases)View 
13th May, 2012Legal Awareness Camp –cum-Lok Adalat (For University cases) 
13th -17th May, 201214th 40 Hrs. "Intensive Training on Mediation” 
12th May, 20125th Referral Judges Training ProgrammeView
26th–28th April, 2012Training of Trainers (TOT) on Juvenile Justice System(2nd Batch)View 
23rd–25th April, 2012 Training of Trainers (TOT) on Juvenile Justice System (1st Batch)View 
22nd April, 20124th Referral Judges Training ProgrammeView 
17th-21st April, 201213th 40 Hrs. "Intensive Training on Mediation”View 
24th March, 2012LOK ADALAT 
17th March, 2012Conference on“Case Management and Plea Bargaining” 
26th Feb. to 1st Mar, 201212th 40 Hrs. "Intensive Training on Mediation” 
02nd February, 20123rd Referral Judges Training Programme 
28th Jan. to 01st Feb, 201211th 40 Hrs. "Intensive Mediation Training” 
22nd January, 20121st Refresher Course on Mediation 
28th Nov. to 2nd Dec, 201110th 40 Hrs. "Intensive Training on Mediation” 

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