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Hon'ble The Chief Justice Pradip Kumar Mohanty
High Court of Jharkhand -cum- Patron-in-Chief, JHALSA, Ranchi
Hon'ble Mr. Justice Pradip Kumar Mohanty was born on 10th June, 1955 at Cuttack. He hails from a renowned family of eminent jurists. His father, Late Justice Jugal Kishore Mohanty was a Judge of the Orissa High Court and later became the Chief Justice of Sikkim High Court. His maternal grand-father, Late Justice Rajkishore Das was also a Judge of Orissa High Court.

Justice Mohanty did his schooling in the Ravenshaw Collegiate School, Cuttack. He graduated from the Ravenshaw College, Cuttack in the year 1974 and completed L.L.B. Degree from M.S. Law College, Cuttack in 1978 whereafter he joined the Bar and worked as a junior of eminent Criminal Lawyers like Late Girija Shankar Bohidar and Basant Kumar Sahu.

He mainly practiced in the Constitutional, Criminal and Civil Laws. He also handled cases in other branches of law. He was the retainer of Rourkela Municipality and Brajarajnagar Municipality. Was appointed as the Additional Government Advocate in the Orissa High Court and was the Special Public Prosecutor in the famous Graham Stains' murder case.

Justice Mohanty was elected as a Member of Orissa State Bar Council in 1986 and continued for three terms. He was also elected as the Assistant Secretary as well as the Secretary of the Orissa High Court Bar Association. Justice Mohanty is associated with a number of social, educational and cultural organizations, which speaks a volume about his concern for the welfare of the Society.

Justice Mohanty was sworn in as an Additional Judge of Orissa High Court on 07.03.2002 and as a permanent Judge of the said High Court on 06.03.2004.

Justice Mohanty was appointed as Acting Chief Justice of Orissa High Court for five times.

Justice Mohanty was nominated to function as Executive Chairman, Odisha State Legal Services Authority with effect from December 2012 till 06.04.2016

Justice Mohanty was nominated to function as Chairman of NSA Advisory Board constituted under National Security Act, 1980 and Company Judge of Odisha High Court from December, 2012 till April, 2016.

On his transfer, His Lordship took oath as Judge, Jharkhand High Court on the 11th Day of April, 2016.

Appointed as Hon'ble The Acting Chief Justice of the High Court of Jharkhand on 7th of October 2016.

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