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Letter No. & DateSubject
Letter No. 1284 Dated 24.04.2019Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee
Letter No. 632 Dated 13.03.2019Ensuring Macimum Utilisation of NALSA fund for the financial year 2018-19
Letter No. 629 Dated 13.03.2019Honorarium for Non-Judicial Members of Monitoring and Mentoring Committee
Letter No. 620 Dated 11.03.2019Increase in Income Ceiling Limit for Legal Services
Letter No. 577 Dated 07.03.2019Extensive Awareness Programme of NALSA's Compensation Scheme for Women Victims etc.
Letter No. 565 Dated 05.03.2019To conduct one day mediation awareness programme in each district
Letter No. 530 Dated 28.02.2019Limited Fund to ensure Access to Justice for All
Letter No. 522 Dated 28.02.2019DLSAs must ensure to utilize/disburse the entire amount allotted to concerned DC
Letter No. 507 Dated 27.02.2019For implementation of the provisions of Commmercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of High Courts
Letter No. 495 Dated 26.02.2019Regarding digitization of all Legal Aided Cases and uploading the same on JHALSA website with regular updation

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